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Tooth problem from candy?

Friday, November 4th, 2022

With Halloween here and gone, now is the time that we receive many calls about dental needs.


Maybe you could not resist diving into some of your child’s candy because you had to “test” it out first. When doing so, did you discover a zing or a pain that is new? These could be signs of an existing or new cavity.


Or, maybe you find yourself regretting biting down so hard on that hard piece of candy and did some damage to an existing tooth that had work done, or discovered a new problem.


Quite possibly you are feeling like you need to detox yourself and your teeth from the sugar overload that you have been exposed to these past few days.


Regardless of the issue or your reasons, we are here to help! Call (570)421-3060 so we can help get your problem resolved in getting you on the schedule!

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